My daily dose of romance starts in the my closet

April 16, 2010 Nicole Elise
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When I was younger I always aspired to own a house with a walk in closet – and now I do! (Well minus the own a house part). One the reasons I fell in love with my current apartment was the massive closet that came with my bedroom. It really was love at first sight. I have shelves for my shoes/books, ample railing space to hang my dresses, coats and work suits and space for a mini catwalk in front my full length mirror.  

Last night I decided to hang my two feather boas next to my swan picture and after trying various arrangements that just did not look right… I stepped back to re-think what I could do to make them look decent,  only to realize the mid-point arrangement I’d left the two boas had organically (and not in any way on purpose) formed a heart shape around the swan.

I thought it was so beautiful and I’ve left them that way. Upon seeing my new piece de resistance my room mate J nodded his approval and proclaimed that THIS would be the year I find true love. Oddly, I think having a massive, fluttery, ultra-girly heart in my presence as I get dressed each morning can help me do that – cause it puts you in the right frame of mind. Happy, hopeful, open, loving.

Swan Heart 🙂


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